Mental Wellness & Cancer

Cancer patients face substantial challenges — including depression, anxiety and insomnia — that can affect their mental health and commitment to treatment. To address this need, Blue Note Therapeutics engaged ArtCenter to develop a Sponsered Project—one of the College's signature academic programs designed to bring industry partners into the classroom to engage students in design thinking around current and future initiatives and ideas. The resulting course equipped us to build a digital, FDA-approved device that allows oncologists to prescribe mental health care in a way that engages more patients. The success of this project led to a part time job with Blue Note Therapeutics.


Design In Health, Digital Design


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Jingyi Wang

Media Practices

Mei Xia

Interaction & Graphic Design

Krish Raheja

Research & Strategy

How might we make therapeutic tools more accessible to cancer patients using digital technology and behavioral psychology?

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1. Record Discomfort

2. Record Feelings

3. Alleviating Tips

4. Support Circle

We know that cancer can make us feel helpless and anxious. While we cannot take away the uncertainty that comes with it,

We hope that Agora helps us regain a sense of agency and positivity through this journey.

My key learnings :

My key learnings :


Wants Vs Needs

Most times, patients wants don't match their medical needs. Through this project I learnt how to motivate patients with what they want, to get them what they need.

My key learnings :


Sustainable Engagement

People tend to lose interest in products over time. I learnt what it takes to build habit forming products, that sustain engagement in the long run.

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