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My name is Krish Raheja. Growing up in India in a family

of entrepreneurs, topics of conversation at the dining table often circled around startups. The intersection between business, economics, science, and creativity is what ultimately drove me to design.

I love studying messy, entangled problems. By understanding the emotions and experiences of individuals, I’m able to identify the context in which complex problems disrupt society. As a designer, I observe patterns, translate research into action, and dissolve problems. Collaborating with interdisciplinary teams of ethnographers, psychologists, technologists, executives, and creatives allows me to break boundaries and unlock hidden opportunities to create intentional change.



Design For Health

Working with Ycenter’s leadership team to build design & and research strategies for

a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical client across 6 different markets in the Asia Pacific Region

Challenge: Undisclosed

Organization: Ycenter

Role: Design Researcher


Innovation Of Meaning

Drove a powerful shift in Hearing Lab Technology from a product-only approach to a service-focused approach with a new mission: “to help every human make sense of their hearing health."

Challenge: Perception of hearing aids

Organization: Meaningful Works

Role: Design Research & CX Lead


Product Innovation

Translated qualitative research into an innovative digital experience to alleviate the cancer journey during a sponsored studio at ArtCenter. Our team’s IP was eventually acquired and I was hired to continue working for the digital therapeutics startup.

Challenge: Well-being of cancer patients

Organization: Blue Note Therapeutics

Role: Design Research & Experience Design


Formed a strong foundation for conducting participatory research through the use of cultural probes and projective techniques

Challenge: Gen-X's Future Of Retirement

Organization: Art Center

Role: Design Research

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