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After spending 3 months conducting interviews and immersing myself in the culture with a group of select students in Berlin, we collectively designed an ecosystem that addressed society's mental wellness needs. Earlier this year, when the United Nations warned that COVID could cause a global mental health crisis, I decided to further develop this concept independently as part of my Capstone project.


Service Ecosystem Design


Mental Wellness, Insurance




Krish Raheja

Research, System Design, UI/UX

Flora Kim

Graphic & Motion Design

Katherine Yao

Product & Environmental Design

Rodney Edwards 

Interaction Design

How might we take control of our mental well-being?

Being is a mental gym on a university campus that helps students take control of their mental well-being by providing access to:

Mental Fitness :

We believe that mental fitness requires learning and practice over a long period of time, just like physical fitness. Our service model is based on 3 phases with our being guide playing the central role of helping you transition from one phase to another.

Opportunity :

Sensory rooms support the patient’s preferences, responsibility and accountability, and oversight

of their own mental health recovery. Data analysis confirms that the use of sensory rooms has

a positive effect among individuals of varied ages, diagnoses, and ACL scores.-Leslie M. Reed, Ph.D. 2017 

Inauguració de la Sala Multisensorial Snoezelen by Universitat de Lleida UdL, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0,



University Campus:

Imagine yourself beginning orientation week at a large university. As you are introduced to various campus facilities, you notice being, a mental gym that you have free access to throughout your college experience because we understand how overwhelming college can be at times.


Being Orientation:

You can sign up for the being orientation to experience sensory rooms for the first time.


Being Guides:

You are welcomed in by your Being Guide—a graduate with a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from your university, with experience in sensory rehab,

and a passion for teaching mindfulness practices.


Mood Tracking:

Through the orientation, we determine your emotional response to every sensory stimulation by using an app to understand your state of being, a bracelet to track your biometrics, and cameras to analyze your facial expressions.


4 Sensory Rooms:

We have one room for every sense so we can understand which sensory stimulation you prefer.

Asset 3@2x.png
Asset 4@2x.png
Asset 2@2x.png
Asset 1@2x.png
Being Guides
Mood Tracking
Sensory Rooms

Breathe Room :

Scents affect our emotions, evoke memories, unleash desires, and can help us feel calm, comfortable, and safe.


A unique scent lies under each cone of light. As you experience different scents, we capture the scent combinations you respond most to.

Asset 3@2x.png
1_Testlab Berlin (2)_Page_36.jpg
1_Testlab Berlin (2)_Page_37.jpg

Feel Room :

Different frequencies of sound and vibration can elicit positive or negative emotions.


As you feel different sound waves through the vibrating walls,, we find the frequency you resonate at.

Asset 4@2x.png
1_Testlab Berlin (2)_Page_40.jpg

Vent Room :

Touch is the most powerful way to communicate your emotions.


As you touch different textures, we find which ones help you communicate your emotions best.


Art From: Griffin, Shane. "Ecotherapy". October 8th 2019.  

Asset 2@2x.png
1_Testlab Berlin (2)_Page_43.jpg

Flow Room :

Your ability to focus your sight completely on one thing and tune out other distractions can tell how attentive you are.


As you interact with our visual projections, we learn about your ability to tune out irrelevant sights.

Asset 1@2x.png
1_Testlab Berlin (2)_Page_46.jpg
1_Testlab Berlin (2)_Page_48.jpg

Group Workshops:

Once you have completed the being orientation,

your guide goes over all the data collected on your personal dashboard..


bracelet (1).gif

Based on your sensory preferences, 

we recommend you to attend certain group workshops to

learn how to take control of your own mental well-being. - woman-sitting-0214-large.
Group Workshops

Mindfulness Playlist:

Your guide recommends you practice exercises taught during the group workshops, by visiting the sensory rooms independently. 

Book your spot by using the app and visit the sensory room of your choice.

1_Testlab Berlin (2)_Page_37.jpg

You have access to a pre-recorded version of all the mindfulness exercises taught during group workshops,


Just put on your headphones, and it's like your being guide

is right there with you.


Chat Therapy:

If you are having a particularly stressful week, and none of the sensory rooms and exercises seem

to be working, you can reach out to your being guides via chat and let them know what is going on.


Your guide may chat with you or call you in to teach you some new exercises.

Mindfulness Playlist
Chat Therapy
Special thanks to our advisors:  Sonakshi Multani (Psychotherapy), Priyanka Khatry (Social Psychology),  Anonymous (AI),
Anonymous (Occupational Therapy), Robert Ball (Environmental Design), Babete Strousse & Jonathan Abarbanel (Service Model), Eunji Park (Research), Todd Masilko (Interaction Design), James Chu (Brand Strategy), and Ming Tai (Graphic Design.)

My key learnings :


Research To Solution

I learnt how to translate generative research

into actionable solutions


Cultural Immersion

I learnt how to design within the context

of a new culture

Get In Touch.

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