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Ending HPV


In partnership with Cedars-Sinai Research Center For Health and Equity, we were challenged to create a comprehensive transmedia campaign targeted to youth in LGBTQIA+ communities which would raise awareness and present calls-to-action to prevent cancers associated with Human Papillomavirus (HPV).




Co-design, Content Strategy




Blossom Liu

Graphic Design

Amanda Oesef


Krish Raheja

Design Research & Strategy

Certain cancers associated with HPV have an outsized impact on the LGBTQIA+ Communities.

Kicking off the studio, representatives from Cedars-Sinai and stakeholders traveled to ArtCenter

to present research, background and project objectives. We were introduced to the Cedars-Sinai Community Advisory Board that includes health practitioners, community organizations, ethnic and immigrant groups as well as LGBTQIA+ advocates.


Visit to Los Angeles LGBT Center :

We learned about the numerous health programs and services offered to the LGBT community – many involving HPV and cancers – while also discovering more about that demographics’ specific concerns.


Mobile Exhibition on the history of AIDS/HIV activation:

We saw the bold imagery and direct language used to affect change through the 80’s and 90’s, and asked the community stakeholders to guide us through what is effective, engaging and exciting.


Discussions with the advisory board:

By presenting our initial concepts to Cedars-Sinai experts, representatives, and stakeholders, we prompted long conversations regarding imagery, messaging, and conceptual considerations.

_N5A2031 2.JPG

Our key Insights from this immersive research process were as follows:


It is not about sex


Everyone should get vaccinated for HPV regardless of their sexual orientation, as early as possible.

Because of its association with sex,

parents don't get their kids vaccinated at

a young age, thinking the vaccination

is permission for having sex. 


Fear doesn't work


Striking fear in a preventative healthcare campaign can intimidate and alienate people. 

The LGBTQIA+ community is filled with people who have to fight for their identity every day. They need a campaign that feels positive and empowering.


Ease Into Conversations


A community leader talked about how she has to ease into conversations before discussing HPV during events.

Conversations associated with HPV hold tension because people feel uncomfortable discussing their sexual orientation or health with parents as well as healthcare professionals. 

Group2_OesefKrishBlossom_OutcomePlan (1)

Lets Talk about Ending HPV

HPV is folded into the common topics of youth conversation as a friendly and familiar environment for the target audience. Posters, billboards, and banners reflect popular everyday discussions interwoven with serious subjects.


The Social Media Kit

The campaign relies on the effectiveness of the hashtag to draw interest and followers while avoiding the time-consuming task of managing social media accounts. A social media kit can be distributed to partners/stakeholders who can join the social conversation using familiar graphics and messaging while customizing for their specific audience.


“I learned a lot during the design process and being involved in this studio. I know it is not easy to create something out of conversations, yet the students were able to do that effectively and beautifully, and that was a learning process for me as the students explained what they learned from presentations and conversations with the LGBTQ+ community partners and myself.” 
– Charlie Ruiz Vazquez, Cedars Sinai

The pilot rollout for the campaign is planned for January 2021.

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