Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I’ve always looked at problems as opportunities.  My multicultural background has taught me how to understand people from different social contexts.


Obsessed with impossible problems, I pursued a B.S. in Product Design with a minor in Social Innovation at ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena. 


As a systems thinker, I believe my role is to facilitate multidimensional thinking through collaboration and dialogue between various stakeholders. In the future, I aim to study and design systems that improve well-being within society.

Product Designer

Worked alongside Healthcare Professionals and patients to design digital experiences based on clinically proven medical research


Blue Note Therapeutics, S.F.

Student Consultant 
Co-created a healthcare campaign along with Cedars-Sinai’s advisory board and a team of transdisciplinary students to close the cancer gap in LGBTQIA+ communities
Cedars-Sinai, L.os Angeles

Neighbourly, Mumbai 

Design Researcher

Planned and conducted interviews using projective techniques for

a startup in collaboration with

a Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist

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U.S.A. : 424 298 0944   |

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